sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

Sair da concha...

Oh what should I do with this empty shell of mine
As empty as the hands that swing at my side
And what should I do with this watch here of mine
When reading the hands only seems to slow the time

And what should I be with so little left of me
When over there is you and all the rest of me
Well I could be the maid that wishes away the days
But time spent waiting isn't my time wasted

And what should I do when everything is cut
My heart may be halved by you but broken I am not
And what should be done when all I have is none
I will not crawl inside the shell I have become

And what should I do with this empty shell of mine?
Listen to it closely and hear it singing softly

Florence Henri

domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

In the summer

In the summer
I stretch out on the shore
And think of you
Had I told the sea
What I felt for you,
It would have left its shores
Its shells,
Its fish,
And followed me.

Nizar Qabbani

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